How Clarifying Your Core Brand Positioning Attracts Ideal Clients

Have you ever felt like “Damn, why do I keep attracting the wrong type of clients?”? More than likely, you’re struggling with this issue because you haven’t clearly defined your core brand positioning. Your brand positioning is your unique promise of value to your customers. It’s what sets you apart from competitors and makes you stand out in an oversaturated marketplace. When your positioning is blurry, you end up attracting clients that aren’t a great fit. The solution? Simple. Get crystal clear on your core brand positioning. Here’s how to do it.

Define Your Target Customer Avatar

The first step is getting specific about who your ideal clients are. Create a detailed “avatar” that describes their demographics, values, interests, and pain points. Get into the nitty-gritty like age, location, income level, family status, hobbies, etc. Psychographics are even more helpful, they help you understand the social aspects of your audience. How they make decisions, what’s important, etc. The more detailed the better. Coaches usually tell you to create multiple avatars, but I recommend creating ONE. Speaking to one person is easier. This helps you tailor your messaging and offerings specifically to them. 

Articulate Your Unique Value Proposition

Now describe what makes you different than other options they have. Why should they choose you over a competitor? Now to be clear, the focus is to articulate your value, not become a “pick me” brand. And guess what? Your audience deems what’s valuable. This is why it’s so important to understand what they want and need. Get ultra-clear on the specific value and transformation you provide. This is more than just your services or products. It’s the underlying emotional, social, and functional benefits they get from working with you. What results do you help them achieve?

Sync Your Brand Messaging

With your avatar and unique value prop defined, sync every aspect of your branding and messaging to reflect it. Your website copy, ads, social media, emails, etc should all align with your core positioning. This builds consistency and attracts people who resonate with what you offer. It builds trust. Consistency/repetition is how your brand will easily become recognizable. 

Don’t try to appeal to everyone – speak directly to your ideal client.

Offer Tailored Services

Take a look at your current services and products. Do they directly address your ideal client’s biggest needs and desires? I recommend having a core offer, upsells, downsells, and cross-sell products. It gives your clients a range of options to solve their problems. 

If not, consider modifying or adding offerings that are a better fit. It doesn’t have to be a complete guide or something difficult for you to put together. It just needs to yield the results they need. Having a full product suite shows you understand and care about solving their specific problems.

Refine As You Grow

Treat your core brand positioning as a living entity – because it is! Continuously refine it as you gather more customer insights and experience. As your business evolves, your ideal client will change as well. Revisiting this framework helps you stay intentionally focused on your BEST customers (that’s who we want to put our main focus on).

Clarifying and refining your core brand positioning is foundational for attracting ideal clients that enable your business to thrive. It allows you to reach them directly with messaging that connects and moves them to buy. 

Plus, you’re able to provide tailored offerings that perfectly fit their needs. Take the time to get clear on your avatars, unique value proposition, and branding alignment. This will transform your ability to magnetically attract your ideal clients.

Need this done for you? 

Book a brand clarity call and we can map out your audience, refine your brand strategy, and audit your branding. All in 90 minutes. 

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