How to Create a Powerful Brand Personality

Before you kick off your brand, let’s agree on one thing: Personality is everything.

Your own personality shines through the language you choose, so why would the same not hold for your brand’s own personality? Just like you’ve got your own favorite sayings, expressions, or even inside jokes between friends, you should be giving off the same vibe to your audience.

Brand Personality Adds Value

Brand personality is ultimately how your audience is going to perceive your business and brand, what you stand for. In the long-run, this is always going to affect your sales. Starbucks is known for its warm & youthful vibes, so people just keep coming back even though it’s not always the most cost-friendly. Apple is known for its innovative and passionate personality boxed in a sleek and unique look, so everyone wants it even though that’s definitely not as cost-friendly. It’s undeniable: personality adds value to your product or service.

Getting to Know Your Brand Personality: The Law of Manifestation

You know how the law of manifestation works? How putting out your desires into the universe will eventually attract those desires in for you? Yup, same idea! Ask yourself how you want people to see your brand, set it in stone as a goal, follow a trustworthy guide, and before you know it, you’re manifesting it into reality.

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”


If you believe it, you can achieve it, period.


Following a Brand Guide to Create Your Brand’s Own Guide

As you’re working on creating your brand, a solid guide will help reduce so much stress and leave you no unanswered questions, whether through e-book, Facebook groups, videos, etc… if you love your brand you’d give it what it needs, period.

So for brand personality specifically, it all comes down to adjectives. Choosing a set number of adjectives that best describe the personality you want your brand to emanate will be key in ultimately shaping it. When it comes down to it, a classic brand always has distinctive personality traits.

It’s best to have a guide of adjectives to choose from. In the Cosmopolitan Countdown course, you’ll always be able to find an extensive list of a wide variety of personality traits to choose from with lifetime access to content. But beyond that, you’ll have consistent access to the Facebook community for the feedback you might want to hear as you build your brand.

Once you decide on three adjectives, those adjectives can further shape the visual elements of your brand. If you want something bold and daring, then your colors should match. If you’re looking to evoke happy, mellow vibes, sunset tones with hippie texts are a good way to go. You get the gist… get to know your brand!

The Cosmopolitan Countdown course even includes guides for your brand visuals and how to create them easily in Canva. In the long run, you’ll save so much money when you rely on branded templates that you know will always evoke your brand’s personality instead of going to a designer each time you need more content.

At the Biz Bar, this is just our way of gearing up new business owners with all the branding tools they need for a successful kickoff. If you’re looking to create your brand personality or are even struggling to solidify it, check out our Cosmopolitan Countdown: https://bizbar.co/product/cosmopolitan-countdown-how-to-create-a-classic-brand/

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