A Simple Guide to Building Your Brand Identity

As humans, we’re visual creatures; your audience’s memories of your brand are based on images perceived in daily fleeting moments, and your brand identity is one of those competing fleeting moments.

So, your brand HAS to be memorable, and to be memorable, you must organize your brand’s visuals as well as standardize your content creation for optimized engagements. Let’s unravel.

What is Brand Identity?

Your brand needs a consistent design, not decoration. Anything visually related to your brand, makes up your brand’s identity, so it’s important to define all of the elements before you get into creating your content.

“Design without a strategy is not design – it’s decoration.”

Brand identity specifically includes your brand’s logo, colors, fonts, and image styles, textures and patterns. In the Cosmopolitan Countdown course, we break down step-by-step just how you can build your brand identity. With total access to all content and guides, videos, and an engaged Facebook community, you can ask for feedback on certain ideas as you’re planning your brand.

Consistency is Key

If content is king, then consistency is the key to the kingdom. Your brand’s visual elements and fonts are going to be the building blocks of your content’s various templates that you’ll need for any communication you make with your audience. This includes all of your mediums – digital, print, and social.

Make Sure Your Brand Personality Is Defined First

I can’t stress this one enough – tell me, does a person with no personality know how to dress? Not usually. Before you dress up your brand in all sorts of creative ways, narrow down the various personality traits you want to evoke. This is a whole process in it itself, so check out our other blog, How to Create a Powerful Brand Personality, that breaks it down further for you.

Choose Colors by the Emotional Responses They Evoke

Ah, colors – it can be quite daunting having to decide, but once you understand the various emotions that different colors evoke, it becomes easier to pick the ones that work with your brand’s identity.

The Psychology of Colors:

  • Purple: sophistication and power
  • Green: rejuvenation and nature
  • Yellow: fun and friendly
  • Greyscale: minimalist and elegant
  • Red: excitement and passion
  • Blue: peace and tranquility

Don’t just pick colors you like, pick ones that will shape the identity your audience is going to remember. It is within this frame of mind that your audience will ultimately make a decision to buy from you or not, so your final conversions definitely rely on your brand identity’s ability to make a memorable impact on your audience.

Lucky for you, we broke down the psychology of colors even further in the Cosmopolitan Countdown, so it’s the perfect guide for you if you just can’t seem to choose them on your own. After all, there really is a formula for this!

Check out the full guide here: https://bizbar.co/product/cosmopolitan-countdown-how-to-create-a-classic-brand/

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