Shannon Wilkerson: Crafting a New Vision in Business and Life Coaching

About the Shanni Wilke:

Shannon, a dedicated coach, embarked on a journey to elevate her brand, aiming to more authentically connect with and empower her audience of single, successful black women. With a mission to guide them from living by default to living by design, Shannon needed a comprehensive brand overhaul.

She started with an inconsistent brand identity and a limited online presence, which hindered her ability to communicate her value and connect with her target audience effectively. Her visual identity lacked the sophistication and relatability to resonate with her audience.


Rebranding as a Leader: Shannon wanted to shift her brand’s perception from a conventional coach to an industry leader with a distinct voice.
Unique Brand Aesthetics: She envisioned a brand that broke away from typical designs, aiming for something that was both sleek and representative of her innovative approach.
Comprehensive Brand Cohesion: Shannon sought a unified look and feel across all platforms, ensuring her brand was consistent and instantly recognizable.

Our Solutions:

  1. Distinctive Brand Design:
    We developed a brand design that mirrored Shannon’s unique approach to coaching, combining elegance with modernity to stand out in the coaching space.
  2. Innovative Web Design:
    Her website was transformed into a simple, user-friendly hub, showcasing her leadership, services, and merch in a way that resonates with her audience.
  3. Strategic Brand Strategy:
    We crafted a long-term strategy that positioned Shannon not just as a coach but as a thought leader, ensuring her brand’s growth and relevance.
  4. Merchandise Design:
    Our team designed merchandise that not only complemented her brand but also served as tangible symbols of her coaching philosophy.
  5. Comprehensive Communications Plan:
    We developed a communications strategy that aligned with Shannon’s brand voice, ensuring consistency across all platforms.
  6. Social Media Graphic Design:
    Our designs for social media were tailored to reflect Shannon’s unique brand, engaging her audience with visually compelling content.

Impact of Transformation:

  1. Tripled Coaching Rates: Following the brand overhaul, Shannon confidently elevated her pricing, charging three times her previous rate. This shift wasn’t just about increased revenue; it reflected the enhanced value and unique positioning her brand now commanded in the market.
  2. Boosted Confidence in Offerings: The rebranding journey instilled a newfound confidence in Shannon. With a brand that truly echoed her vision and expertise, she presented her coaching services with greater assurance and clarity. This confidence was not just internal; it resonated with her clients, attracting a more discerning clientele.
  3. Clarity in Business Direction: The comprehensive brand strategy brought clarity to Shannon’s business operations. This clarity in vision and purpose streamlined her services, marketing, and client interactions, leading to more efficient business processes and a stronger, more consistent brand presence.

A look at the brand:

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