3 reasons your website isn’t making any money

As a former web designer, I liiiiive for a well-executed website. So you can understand why it strikes my designer nerve when I see gurus gassin’ people up with the whole “Build it and they will come” mantra. I don’t mean to bust your bubble but that’s just not true. Successful websites are well thought out and they are very intentional. But when you don’t know what your site needs, you can run into issues with converting. With that being said, let’s get in three of the most common reasons your site isn’t making money.

The whole site is confusing.


I can’t tell you how many times I go on someone’s website & don’t know what the hell is going on. No consumer connection, blurry photos. This is costing you money. Think about your favorite brands. You spend money with them because you feel like their products/ services are made for someone just like you right? The same thing goes for your business however, you have to go waaayy harder because most likely- you’re an underdog.

What to do: Go to some of the websites you always buy from and break down what makes click the buy button & apply the “it” factor to your website. Here’s another hint: It’s not your website alone.

Wait, who are you again?


Now, I’m not trying to downplay anything you’re doing. This is for the under- underdogs. No one knows you yet. You just came up with an idea and boom, you created a website. While I admire your ambition to get it done, there is more you have to do: branding, P. R, researching and etc.
What to do: Spend time building your community& reputation so you can get traffic to your site.

No Marketing Efforts.


No one even knows you have a website. You spent all of that money on making products but didn’t bother to get people ready for one of your greatest investments. You just popped up with a link telling people to place their orders on your new website but you’ve been taking orders in your dm for over a year. You have to push as if it’s your latest product. Also, many entrepreneurs misdiagnose their problems. Sometimes it’s not your website at all. It could be your copy, presentation, etc.

What to do: Build some hype behind your website. It’s your digital business home! Give them a solid launch date. And when you launch, constantly drop your links so they can get used to using your website to do business with you.

Now, if creating a website still has you shaking your head thinking “Just throw the whole site away. ” Don’t worry, I gotcha covered. Audit your website with
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