Spill App: How a Black-Owned Social Platform Rose to the Top, Dethroning Twitter in Real Time

A new and exciting social media platform called “Spill” has emerged, providing a safe and inclusive environment for black people and black content to thrive. 

Even the name “Spill” pays homage to the culture by using the expression “spilling tea,” as a theme. “Spilling tea” refers to … well iykyk. 

What inspired the app creation?

The founders of Spill, Alphonzo Terrell and DeVaris Brown, have a story of resilience. In 2022, they were among the people who faced layoffs after Elon Musk bought Twitter. But instead of giving up, they saw an opportunity to create something better, safer, and actually inclusive.

Muted Conversations:

Black Twitter, an influential community within Twitter, has often faced challenges and limitations in expressing themselves fully. Studies have shown that tweets written in AAVE are often mistakenly flagged as offensive due to the lack of cultural context in mainstream algorithms. Spill is changing that by ensuring our language and expressions are understood and respected within the app’s DNA.

Plus, with strategic advisors like Dantley Davis, April Reign, and DeRay Mckesson, this app is set to change the social media game. 

Fighting Cultural Appropriation:

We’ve seen this happen over and over again on platforms like TikTok and Instagram: Black contributions are ripped off or overshadowed, while “other” creators receive credit (usually in the form of opportunities or monetary gain) for dances, trends, and memes they had NO HAND in creating and would otherwise be considered ghetto. 💅🏾

Spill is on a mission to change that narrative. It’s a space where our creativity and influence are recognized, celebrated, and properly paid. 

What can you do there?

The post style is similar to Twitter and leans towards conversations. Just like the name suggests, the app encourages users to spill their thoughts, opinions, and experiences freely, creating a space where our voices can be heard without hesitation. You can share your thoughts via gifs, text, photos, videos, links and polls. 

Attracting New Users During Twitter Restrictions:

Now, let’s talk about why you’re hearing/ seeing about Spill so much right now.

Long story short, on top of him laying thousands of people off and creating a paid subscription for users, Elon Musk’s announcement of new restrictions on Twitter sent Black Twitter into “YGMFU” mode.

Users started searching for alternative platforms where they can freely express themselves without facing unnecessary limitations. As the news spreads, Spill is attracting a wave of new users who crave a space that values their voices.

How can you join? 

Right now, the Spill App operates on an invite-only basis, which adds an air of exclusivity. This approach ensures that the platform maintains a tight-knit community of individuals who share similar values and aspirations. It also allows the app to control growth and maintain a focus on quality interactions and engagement. While currently available only on Apple phones, plans for expansion to other platforms are likely in the future, as their team and features list grows.

As a thank you for reading the blog – here’s a code. When you join, follow me @ambirb


The Spill App is more than a social media platform. It’s a movement, a chess move, and a celebration of Black Twitter’s power and influence. With its brilliant, visionary team, an AI model that recognizes and RESPECTS our cultural expressions, and strategic advisors who understand the importance of diversity, – baybeeee Spill is on its way to reshaping our digital experiences for the better! 

As more information becomes available, I’ll update the post.

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