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A successful business doesn’t just happen. Like Koereyelle says, you can wish for it or you can work for it. And to make it work this time, you need to plan it right!   There’s so much more to building a brand than colors and domain names. Crafting a brand message is essential, but how are you using yours to make money?  I know this is a lot digest for a new business owner, but you’ve got to solidify your brand in the marketplace.   Position or Be Positioned is what you need to get your business life together without the fluff and cliches. Here’s what’s inside this bomb ass brand planner:
  • Define the foundational pieces of your brand so you can thrive online and offline.
  • Craft your brand communication strategy.
  • An experience chart to help you develop a brand experience that makes people want to work with you again and again.

1 review for Position or be Positioned – Physical

  1. Daishia Gallegos

    Babbbbby , when I tell you this is the “BIBLE” for all branding, im not over exaggerating. I love this book & it’s so informative as well as helpful for my ideals. One thing I love doing is working on my brand and my branding & this workbook really help me decided on what im going to do and what I shouldn’t do . I could literally write a whole essay about it but you get the point . 100/10 stars

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